Crystal Castles at Echoplex

Crystal Castles

Venue: Echoplex

Drinks: Three Newcastles and a slice of The Newman (sopressata & sweet Italian sausage on a white pie) pizza from Two Boots.

Song I Most Wanted to Hear: "Crimewave" or "Alice Practice" by Crystal Castles. I got to hear "Crimewave" from both HEALTH and Crystal Castles (the latter was better) and Alice also yelled her way through "Alice Practice" which was one of the highlights of the show.

Musical Disappointments: The vocals were low for most of HEALTH's performance and I lost interest and wandered away to the bathroom and bar but once I came back to the stage they sounded much improved. However, I was in a much worse position to watch the remainder of their set. I guess I can try to combine the good visuals of the first half of the set with the good audio of the second half to make a complete good performance.

How Was the Crowd: Outside I saw the effects of taking too much Ecstasy or whatever as one dude sat in the car next to the venue occasionally throwing up and another had to be walked into the line by his understanding friend and then proceeded to stand in line bent forward at the waist. When the bouncer came over to tell them that they were not going to be let in, his friend offered the old "My friend's just bummed because he lost his wallet" defense. Somehow the bouncer saw through this and was insistent that they leave the line. Once inside, the show was very crowded and compact. Once the first electronic beats of Crystal Castles rang out, the audience became a frenzied mass of pushing, dancing, convulsing and sweating. Luckily, after the shoving ended, I noticed that the people I was pressed against while dancing for the rest of the set were females. There were no glow-sticks or glow-bands at the show and the audience seemed very enthusiastic when it came to dancing, even though dancing basically meant knocking into the people around you.

Superficial/General Impression on Singer's Appearance: Coming into the show I've always felt that the jury was out in regards to Alice Glass' general hotness but I am now compelled to rule in favor of her being quite sexy in a dirty, punk chick sort of way. She wears quite a lot of eyeshadow and was wearing a dark shirt and skirt which didn't really accentuate her body. She seems very thin but I couldn't really get a great look at her because the lights were flashing.

Merch Table: Crystal Castles had a complete lack of vinyl which really depressed me because I really had my mind set on picking up their LP finally or maybe getting a crack at the EP they are releasing on Record Store Day. Instead they had three T-Shirts, two of which were actually pretty damn cool: one had Madonna with black eye and the other had a sadface, I bought both. Then I decided to buy a HEALTH vinyl to satisfy my record buying habit but when I got to the table I got gunshy and decided to instead buy a pink on black shirt which looked pretty damn cool.

Run-in's With the Bands: The HEALTH bass player John was working the merch table and I told him that I enjoyed his set and he complimented me on my Lars Von Trier T-Shirt. He asked if I had seen ANTICHRIST and I told him I had, he asked if I threw up and I replied no. He told me that I must have a strong stomach. He was clearly less of a man than I.

Best Onstage Moment, Non-Musical: The two male members of Crystal Castles came out first and started playing without Alice and then suddenly Alice appeared at the center of the stage carrying a very bright, white light against her stomach as if the light were emanating from her chest. I'm pretty sure she basically crawled to the center of the stage. Alice is also quite a passionate performer and clearly came into her own as a performer of punk and hardcore because she was constantly threatening to jump into the audience and sang/yelled a lot of her vocals while perched precariously on the metal rail in front of the stage. She apparently has a wrangler who helps her perform this trick by clinging tight to her legs while she stands on the rail and leans forward to immerse herself in the audience without any of the messy ramifications that come from someone like Alice Glass stage diving into an angry mob: (NSFW).

Best Onstage Chatter: Neither band was big on chatter. Alice did mention that HEALTH was one of her favorite bands and that we should buy their merch.

Did the Bass Player Look Bored?: Crystal Castles didn't have a bass played per se and I couldn't really see the non-Alice members of the band very clearly once the strobe lights and pushing began. HEALTH's sometimes bass player looked anything but bored and he wore an awesome vintage Body Glove shirt.

Overall Scientific Rating of Show (out of ten): 7.4

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