Destroyer at the Echoplex

Destroyer (Solo)

Venue: Echoplex

Drinks: Three Newcastles in dixie cups.

Song I Most Wanted to Hear: I was warned in advance not to expect a lot of older Destroyer songs and so I was not really expecting to hear "Helena" at the show. That was the first song Dan played and he played a few others songs from STREETHAWK and even "No Cease Fires!" from CITY OF DAUGHTERS. The only songs I really wanted and was denied were "Notorious Lightning" and "Foam Hands." For some reason he skipped YOUR BLUES completely, maybe he felt it wouldn't translate well solo acoustic.

Musical Disappointments: I wasn't disappointed by Destroyer's set at all, I think both of the opening bands seemed promising but didn't really work well live for different reasons. Devon Williams seemed like an indie rock band that would have fed off the audience at a smaller venue of standing hipsters but for some reason Echoplex was a seated venue tonight and the energy level was mismatched. Azita was a piano playing singer/songwriter akin to Cat Power and I thought her performance was boring, although the music seemed fine.

Superficial/General Impression on Singer's Appearance: Dan Bejar aka Destroyer is a bearded dude with an odd fro that branches out like Sideshow Bob.

Merch Table: Destroyer decided not to do a merch table. I decided to pick albums from both of the opening acts because I was curious what they sounded like on a studio album and they seemed like nice people.

Run-in's With the Bands: Azita was drunk at the bar talking with friends and I decided to get her album from her. She was really excited about selling her CD and noted that she was disappointed with her performance. I was going to tell her she should check out Judee Sill but I forgot to bring it up. She told me that she was from Iran and that her album cover was taken of her when she was seven years old in her backyard in Iran. She was very talkative and I finally ended up opting out of a conversation with her because I wanted to go upstairs and check out the DJ at the Echo. That didn't work out and while I was on my way out of the Echoplex, I ran into Devon Williams and decided to support local music and buy his LP. He was a very friendly guy and repeatedly invited me to come see his band at The Smell later this month.

Best Onstage Moment, Non-Musical: I enjoyed Dan Bejar's habit of taking a bow after every song and then brushing his hair back from his face into a huge shapeless mass.

Best Onstage Chatter: After playing a new song "Downtown," Dan Bejar said "I laughed just now because earlier on the tour someone called Devon Williams, Downtown Devon Williams which made me laugh but I don't have time to tell you about it, but I just did." Um, okay.

Did the Bass Player Look Bored?: He was flying solo, yo.

Overall Scientific Rating of Show (out of ten): 7.1

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