Mika Miko at Amoeba 2009

Mika Miko

Venue: Amoeba Records

Drinks: No. You are not allowed to even bring bottled water into Amoeba. I had just enjoyed some Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles though, so I was good.

Song I Most Wanted to Hear: Not all that familiar with them but I was in the area and I had heard good things.

Musical Disappointments: I don't think the sound quality was quite up to snuff and I sometimes had trouble hearing the vocals distinctly. This is not really the ideal venue to see this band and they seemed aware that there was only so much dancing the audience can do in the Clearance Rock section.

Superficial/General Impression on Singer's Appearance: There are two lead singers of Mika Miko. Jennifer Clavin, the one that sings into a red telephone is very hot and pure looking, similar to Laura Dern in BLUE VELVET. She had a very sexy way of dancing around on stage without seeming or wanting to look sexy. The other one Jenna Thornhill is a bit less of a babe; she had curly hair and my friend pointed out a slight resemblance to Maya Rudolph, except white.

Merch Table: This works a little different for a record store. I bought Mika Miko's new album "We Be XUXA" on vinyl and got a free poster with the purchase that basically replicated the album cover on a glossy paper. On a note unrelated to the show, I also bought St. Vincent's "Actor" on vinyl as well as the DVDs THE HIT, STUNT ROCK and LIFE OF JESUS (import from UK).

Run-in's With the Bands: Mika Miko came out to a fold-out table to sign autographs for customers in the store and looked very embarrassed about it. I had them sign my vinyl and got very little interaction from the band, I told them that I had enjoyed their set and they thanked me but did so with very limited eye contact.

Best Onstage Moment, Non-Musical: Jenna Thornhill, the less hot lead singer, called for a fedora and sunglasses from the crowd so she could appropriately sport them while she played the sax. I also enjoyed the uncomfortable silence from the band between songs as they stared out into the brightly lit store with awe.

Best Onstage Chatter: Someone yelled out for them to play "Widow's Peak" as they were leaving the stage and Thornhill said something like "I'm going to slit your throat."

Did the Bass Player Look Bored?: I don't recall seeing a look of boredom from any of the girls in the band. They all looked nervous and excited to be performing.

Overall Scientific Rating of Show (out of ten): 6.5

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