Wavves/Vampire Hands/Fol Chen

Venue: Echo

Drinks: A Red Stripe and two draft Newcastles.

Song I Most Wanted to Hear: I didn't really have a song that I was dying to hear from Wavves, I went mostly because I was curious how the music sounded when not muddled by a lo-fi fuzzy blanket.

Musical Disappointments: I guess I should get over bands not playing an encore since it is increasingly becoming the norm in 2009.

Superficial/General Impression on Singer's Appearance: Nathan Williams, aka Wavves, had puffy, awkward bangs and a giant red sweatshirt which contributed to the impression of youthfulness. If I had been working at the bar, I would have checked his ID and then swiped it and told him to bring his mother in with him if he wanted to get it back.

The lead singer of Fol Chen opted for black make-up smeared around his eyes which worked perfectly for the dirty, glam-rock he was performing.

Merch Table: I bought LPs from Fol Chen and Wavves but decided to pass on Vampire Hands even though the cover art looked hand-drawn and it might have been some kind of numbered self-release.

Run-in's With the Bands: As I bought his Vinyl, I complimented the lead singer of Fol Chen and asked him what I could expect the album to sound like. He said "It's more electronic sounding. Do you have Prince's Sign 'O' the Times?" After I confirmed I did, he was very excited and told me that he thought I would like it. (He was right, it's terrific)

Wavves was hanging out by the stage talking to pretty indie girls, I waited for them to walk away and asked Nathan to sign my LP. He signed it "Jason, Keep Yo Head Up." I told him that I enjoyed his set and he thanked me with what seemed like genuine enthusiasm.

Best Onstage Moment, Non-Musical: There was an annoying yelling dude in the audience during the Wavves set and Wavves made strange faces at him and then dedicated a song to him "This one's for you Buster."

Best Onstage Chatter: Aside from the whole Buster thing, there wasn't really much chatter from Wavves but Fol Chen did try to occasionally get into it, "Do you remember the 90s?" was met with a chorus of NO from the audience who were perhaps sensing a cover of Mariah Carey's "Emotions" which Fol Chen performed dripping with sarcasm.

Did the Bass Player Look Bored?: There was no bass player to look bored in Wavves and the other bands all performed with a lot of passion.

Overall Scientific Rating of Show (out of ten): 7.4

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