Mike D'Angelo - The Man Who Viewed Too Much

Despite corporate attempts to rid the world of film critics, Mike D'Angelo still writes for Esquire, Las Vegas Weekly and Nerve. He also blogs and twitters for his own amusement and for your reading pleasure. Movie critics don't come much smarter and certainly very few can compare with Mike's writing chops.

Jeremy Heilman - The Movie Martyr
Jeremy comes to life every year for TIFF, where his output is prodigious and puts almost everyone to shame, but during the school year things can be very quiet on the Jed front.

Glenn Kenny - Some Came Running
Will kick your ass, motherfucker.

Adam Lemke - Movie Miser

Adam is not a psychopathic, chainsaw murderer but that doesn't mean he won't constantly watch films about them.

Theo Panayides - Theo's Century of Movies

Theo still reviews old movies and links to his Cyprus Mail reviews of all things new and commercial. For other new releases, he has been taking to Letterboxd. Thank god for that.

Zach Ralson - Private Joker's Head
I'm very glad that Zach is back to writing about film, this time in blog format.

Dan Sallitt - Thanks for the Use of the Hall
I'm not always on the same wavelength with Dan but I read his blog faithfully and I always know that the films he recommends will be adventurous and often challening. He is also quite a talented filmmaker in his own right.

Michael Sicinski - The Academic Hack
Michael is intimidatingly smart and insightful when it comes to the cinema and is easily the coolest critic in the pages of Cinemascope.


New Beverly Cinema
Pros: Double features for $7 bucks.
Cons: Seat springs in your ass. (Not anymore, they're much better now)

The Cinefamily
Pros: Eccentric programming that covers all bases. Crumbs cupcakes.
Cons: You might not be hip enough to be in the company of these folks.

American Cinemateque
Pros: Old films and usually great prints.
Cons: You might not be old enough to be in the company of these folks.


Pros: Academic type film programming.
Cons: They take months off at a time.

Pros: Occasionally they show something awesome.
Cons: Key word there is "occasionally."